Volume 8, Number 5:106-144;2018
International Journal of Burns and Trauma

Zhicai Feng, Qiyu Tang, Junqing Lin, Quanyong He, Cheng Peng: Application of animated cartoons in reducing the pain of dressing changes in children with burn injuries. Int J Burn Trauma 2018;8(5):106-113. (Abstract IJBT0083825, Full text, PDF).

Roman K Romansky, Evgeni V Sharkov, Stefan H Komitski: Unusual pattern of partial failure of preexpanded free parascapular flap for neck reconstruction. Int J Burn Trauma 2018;8(5):114-116. (Abstract IJBT0084820, Full text, PDF).

Shaban Mehrvarz, Shahab Shahabi, Rastin Mohammadi Mofrad, Erfan Sheikhbahaei, Masoud Moslehi: An experimental rat model of hilar splenic vessel ligation versus splenectomy for spleen trauma. Int J Burn Trauma 2018;8(5):117-125. (Abstract IJBT0085141, Full text, PDF).

General Leung, Dragos Duta, Julie Perry, Lorenzo Leonardi, Joel Fish, Karen Cross: Rapid tissue viability evaluation using methemoglobin as a biomarker in burns. Int J Burn Trauma 2018;8(5):126-134. (Abstract IJBT0080842, Full text, PDF).

Nissar Shaikh, Zia Mahmood, Syed Imran Ghuori, Arshad Chanda, Adel Ganaw, Qazi Zeeshan, Moad Ehfeda, Ali O Mohamed Belkhair, Muhammad Zubair, Sayed Tarique Kazi, Umaiz Momin: Correlation of clinical parameters with imaging findings to confirm the diagnosis of fat embolism syndrome. Int J Burn Trauma 2018;8(5):135-144. (Abstract IJBT0081974, Full text, PDF).
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